For Emotional Eaters, Tough Losing Weight During Quarantine Life

Guess which is the before picture:

From July 2019-March 2020 I lost 80+ pounds. Since then I’ve gained nearly 60 back.

Last month I started doing something about this dangerous trend.

As the reality set in that normal life is farther off than we had hoped it was time to stop making excuses.

Two weeks ago I averaged 1–2 miles a day power walking out tiny NYC area back yard.

Last week I spent a lot of time shoveling show, carving out a track in the two feet of coverage dropped over three storms.

At the same time I made huge decisions to ignore cravings for fattening sugary foods — most of the time, at least enough to carve off six pounds. Back on track!!!!

The last three days however I have been in a huge funk.

My wife and I got testy with each other.

I have spent hours staring at my computer screen, knowing I have things to do, but struggling to focus.

This morning I was outright depressed.


I was down another pound. I have some new work prospects (rough 10 months for a professional actor and producer of improv comedy). Things are actually a little hopeful on the horizon.

It hit me.

My self medication of choice is food. I am the way I am after a life time of both celebrating and commiserating with food.

After spending my 47th birthday in the hospital, I quit sugar, alcohol and caffeine. I had the best 9 months of my life.

Then Covid hits.

I’ve spent the better part of quarantine life performing and teaching comedy on ZOOM. The laughter is amazing but I’m completely fried.

My job is making the rest of the world feel good through laughter.

I teach tricks like START EVERY DAY WITH A SMILE.

It works. But I get lazy.

I have to wake up every day and say I am going to make good choices today.

I am constantly choosing NOT to self medicate with fattening nachos, chips, candy, cookies, etc.

I have to remind myself that these will not make me feel better, but delay the emotional down, and most likely make me feel worse as I get depressed about the way I look/feel after stuffing face.

I have been relatively good this past ten months, in that I have resisted old habits, where I would cry my self to sleep stuffing face.

The gain has been a slow roll. As we start to see light at the end of the tunnel, I’m still 25+ pounds away from previous rock bottom highs.

Today I started with lean baked chicken breast over riced Broccoli and shovelled a bunch of snow trying to build a bobsled run in my mildly tilted otherwise flat back yard.

I had some fun and bur Ed some calories.

I’m craving coffee and cake. Instead I’m reaching for a low sugar cinnamon roll protein bar by ONE and an apple.

The only way forward is to MAKE CHOICES!!!!

When I don’t make choices, choices are made for me.

Excuse me now as I’m over due for a huge glass of water.

Together we can do this!!!!

Please help me out with your own stories of the struggle. Remind me I’m not alone. Millions (billions?) struggle with this.



NYC based Actor, Comic, Teacher, Director, Producer, Corporate Team Building Specialist, K12 educational outreach, Artistic Director at

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Walt Frasier

NYC based Actor, Comic, Teacher, Director, Producer, Corporate Team Building Specialist, K12 educational outreach, Artistic Director at